Celebrate Easter the Capture Way…

April 13, 2017 mallindine

Celebrate Easter the Capture Way…

… by letting people find your treasures!

At Easter many people go on treasure hunts, hide Easter eggs in the garden and cherish bunnies, other traditions are baking Easter breads and cakes and eating hot cross buns.

Here at Capture we look for hidden treasures too, in under-used or invisible media assets.

Deep in our software is buried Rumpelstiltskin the Keyworder.  He is pretty grumpy, because he beavers away night and day adding keywords to describe images so researchers can find them. These are in taxonomies and hierarchical vocabularies which can be controlled in multiple ways to allow accurate and fast tagging. They can also be added automatically and the system has built-in thesaurus and quality-checking tools.

In Poland, people sprinkle or douse water over each other, in honour of the baptism of Polish Prince Mieszko on Easter Monday in 966 AD.  Here in Capture DESK we douse picture researchers’ projects with information.  This unique organiser makes running multiple tasks easy, with its slick right-click function which can transfer media and information from websites directly to the destination folder in Capture DESK . The software can be accessed via any device and can handle any type of digital content – including images and video.

Most people like hunting Easter eggs on an egg hunt or egg roll, but don’t like trying to find hidden assets.  Visual media are invisible if they are not organised with effective metadata. Capture’s Media Manager allows asset holders to organise, protect, and distribute images, video, any type of media, in bulk through a user-friendly interface.

Not everyone feels a Chocolate Bunny is the right kind of reward, particularly if you are older than twelve. Capture Royalties is our module which pays contributors the correct percentage for content sold via the system.  It can handle complex royalty splits, and automate payments, including  Withholding Tax. With this system your contributors can buy their own Chocolate Bunnies if they feel the need to.

Norway has an unusual Easter tradition: people read crime novels. Publishers release a special batch of thrillers in time for the holiday, to take advantage of this.  Apparently it dates back to a publicity stunt in 1923 when a book publisher promoted its new crime novel on the front pages of newspapers. The ads resembled news so much that people didn’t realise it was a promotion.  It would be a crime not to have proper control over your company’s financial systems. Capture Financials is effective, ready-to-roll financial management for digital assets at your fingertips: you can generate invoices, record asset sales, bulk import agent statement items, purchase ledger, and full management accounting functions and reports.  Don’t let your creditors get away with murder!

Happy Easter from the Capture Team!

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