Don’t throw it away – be smart with your spare End-of-Year cash…

March 16, 2017 mallindine

Don’t throw it away – be smart with your spare End-of-Year cash…

…and maximise your content assets

It’s March again, and the most astute Managers have a headache: they’ve excelled yet again in their financial management and there’s surplus budget to spend by End-of-Year close.

Here’s Capture’s suggestion on how to spend it to gain long-term advantages:

Create a media library

Four reasons why you can benefit:


1. Having your own media library means your assets are readily available

Your Digital Assets are valuable, so cataloging, keywording, and captioning means they are prepped for both in-house and external use.  Well-designed archives are easy for users to search, and many valuable assets will be capable of multiple usages and long lifespans.

2. Create and reinforce your brand

Storing your content in one place, including brand design like logos in print-ready formats together with other collateral such as staff photos or company videos ensures media professionals find what they need quickly. This has big paybacks in terms of media coverage.

3. Control your content access

Your company can ensure you have access control over your media.  Elements of the library can be open access, whilst other areas restricted.  For example, control logins in order to download high-res images, or setup user subscription to access paid for content.  More organisations are publishing online, so it makes sense for editorial staff to securely login instead of having to email admin to acquire images. There are numerous reasons to ensure that each user has the appropriate level of access, which saves both time & money in the long run.

4. Protect against misuse of visual material

Content can be generated in many ways – external photographers might be contracted to photograph an event or person.  Staff might record a training session, for internal use only.  Third-party footage might be bought-in for a one off project. It is important to track rights and licences for material to ensure its correctly used.  Copyright law is a serious matter, particularly where US-registered sources are concerned and there are substantial penalties for infringement. Capture’s Digital Asset Management systems are robust and able to track and report on usages, minimising the possibility of misuse.

At Capture, we have a modular technology platform that enables heritage customers, image agencies, publishers and businesses to extract extra value from their digital content.  Our DAM software is completely scalable from a basic requirement to protect and manage a few hundred images to the operations of the vast asset repositories of national galleries and museums.

Have you got money to burn?

Why lose your End Of Year surplus budget? Instead, check out to see how we can help you invest it wisely!

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