Do you work in a museum, gallery, library or cultural/heritage institution?

We’ve designed a platform with you in mind

Create engagement across the globe

Showcase your unique archives and collections on a beautifully designed, intuitive, web-based platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Sharing capabilities, over email or social media, direct from the site, encourages the distribution of your content to boundless audience.

Avoid re-digitising, re-commissioning photoshoots, and re-licensing content

Reduce costs by gaining visibility on the content you already possess and encouraging reuse of those hidden gems.

Manage all archives in one place

Your archive isn’t necessarily limited to just one genre.

Manage all precious, invaluable images, videos, audio files, PDFs, transcripts and more in one central system.

Preserve precious assets

On a backed-up server, your content is in safe hands.

Housing all irreplaceable content in a secure platform guarantees that they remain a piece of history forever.

Monetise your unique content

Create a window into your archive and give both businesses and the public a chance to license a unique piece of history.

With an array of licensing options, and a full royalties and finance workflow, monetising your collections has never been so easy – for both you and your customers.

Service your whole organisation

Provide different departments with different content from a single system.

Using advanced permission settings, create a tailored and streamlined experience for each user, providing them with assets for their disposable – e.g. Marketing, Press and PR, Sponsorship, and Estates teams.

Be a master of metadata

In the deep depths of the archive, it can be easy to lose your way.

With clear metadata listed for every asset, and up to 70 configurable fields, empower users to know all there is to know about your collection and increase discoverability.

Integrate with different platforms

Don’t put your other systems on the back burner – get the best of all worlds by bringing together great technologies.
Enrich your metadata by pulling key information from your Collections Management System straight into DAM for example, or use your DAM to enhance your Collections Online.

Utilise our decades of experience

We understand that sometimes people, and organisations, need a helping hand to get them from A to B.

We’ve been in business for nearly 20 years, and with 250 years’ worth of combined industry experience amongst our team, let us help with keywording, data migration, content monetisation and a whole lot more.

"Developing and integrating digital projects can be complex, therefore what also appealed to us about Capture was their dedicated project management staff and direct input from client services senior staff. Many of the Capture team have been worked in picture libraries so they understand what we do and what our client’s need. Capture is more than the great technology solutions they provide. I am very pleased with the results."
Royal Armouries - Adam Lumb, Head of Commercial and IP

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