Do you work with books, newspapers, journals, articles and more?

We’ve designed a platform with you in mind

Aggravated by search? Try aggregated search

Reduce the number of places you store and search for content to just one.
With aggregated search, pull in content from approved third parties – such as stock image agencies – as well as the media you already own – to create a single version of the truth.

Avoid duplicating work and re-licensing images

Reduce costs by gaining visibility on the content you already possess and encouraging reuse of those hidden gems.

Manage a hierarchical view of your projects

Visualise through a tree-like structure how your digital media all comes together.
With project briefs alongside, so every researcher and editor knows exactly what they are working towards, create and manage a hierarchical overview to anticipate the content on every page, chapter, article or book.

Avoid getting tangled in legal disputes

Know what you have, but equally important, where you can use it.

With rights management tools, avoid legal disputes by making it obvious to staff, freelancers and third parties where they can and can’t use assets.

Accessible anyway, everywhere

A web-based platform accessible anywhere in the world and from any device.

Encourage freelancers to be not just an extension, but an integral part of the team.

Maintain local workflows – but feed into one central repository

One size might not fit all when it comes to your organisation.

Our flexible, multi-centred approach allow global offices, departments or teams to maintain their local workflows in their own DAM but still link to the central repository.

"Our relationship with Capture has given us a system that has grown with our needs and proved to exceed our expectations"
Macmillan Education

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