Speed is Everything – Capture’s New Fast Delivery Method

February 16, 2017 mallindine

Speed is Everything – Capture’s New Fast Delivery Method

In Ye Olden Times, around…say…1995…pictures were delivered by FedEx and motorbike courier. It took days and weeks even to get images from far-away countries. Now great content is accessible much faster, with digital downloads, but that brings its own problems.

Capture has created its own modular workflow for fast distribution of images to whoever wants to publish them.  It is well known in the modern editorial picture world that whoever gets the picture out first, gets the sale. For some of our clients, it is critical to them that they are first, but there are many steps along the way.

In a typical process, from the time of shooting the image needs to be edited, keyworded, categorised, and distributed. Each one of those points is a potential bottleneck. Does the photographer do they keywording?  But that’s time he or she will not be spending capturing great images. Another method is to have photographers send everything back to an editor’s desk who performs the work for them while they continue shooting. Some organisations have addressed this by sending out teams of a photographer and an editor to events, so the editor could work quickly to take new content, edit, keyword and distribute it directly from wherever they were. The disadvantage of this is increased staff costs and overheads.

More recently, Capture has implemented a more advanced workflow: we have worked with our clients to develop a system whereby before an event a process is set up for that specific event. When a picture comes in from a photographer, keywords and categories are immediately applied to it.  In pre-production, we now define exactly who the photo is going to be distributed to, meaning when assets come in from the photographer, the photos are keyworded, categorised and distributed.

Using automated processes, and adding some other detection methods, we can configure a camera to immediately send any tagged images straight out via a portable hotspot.

Capture now combine everything: from the shutter closing to consumers receiving the image can be less than 30 seconds. This allows our clients to maintain the competitive advantage of ensuring that they can deliver first, around the clock, without committing additional resources to the process.

We are proud of creating value out of advanced processes for our clients – speed is everything, in this case. See more here: https://www.capture.co.uk/products/capture-distributor/


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