Technology and building blocks

Capture’s expert technology products offer a fully configurable solution, created by you, for you. We organise our technology into building blocks – meaning you can add to your package as and when your business grows – providing you with a future-proof solution. Browse our ‘building block’ modules to create a solution that ensures your digital content really is an asset to you – or chat to us to find out more.

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Know what you have, where to find it and how you can use it within this digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Capture MEDIA MANAGER is the heart of the back-office system – manage all types of digital assets including photos, videos, audio, documents, illustrations and much more.


Sophisticated image editing and model release workflow tool which allows contributors to upload content – and then a two-way collaboration and approval process to make sure only gold standard assets are brought into Capture MEDIA Manager.


Sophisticated royalty engine designed to reward digital asset contributors on many different levels – and make managing their payments a cinch.

capture LIVE

Capture LIVE handles the intense workload of teams of photographers and editors, covering fast-moving, high-pressure events across court, stadiums and arenas, delivering iconic images, complete with caption information, to all social media platforms within a minute of the shot being taken.


State of the art keywording tool that allows users to enrich metadata across thousands of assets quickly and accurately, vastly increasing the discoverability of content.

capture WEBSITE 3

Capture WEBSITE 3 delivers an unparalleled combination of all the power of Capture’s Digital Asset Management (DAM), business and e-commerce platform, with the immense design of WordPress – an open source system which is the largest publishing platform in the world.


Rapid, effortless distribution of all digital assets and metadata to multiple simultaneous global destinations – including social media desks – within 30 seconds of shutter click, and automatic preparation of metadata for agents worldwide.


Monetise your content – and benefit from a system that is setting new standards in digital asset licensing and copyright management.

capture SEO

The capture SEO module creates search engine-friendly assets that allow your content to be found quickly and easily.


Includes features to track, store, and search assets by geolocation. Annotate assets by drawing on the image and adding textual comments. Share and collaborate on projects to ensure smooth delivery and deadlines are met.

capture CRM

Management of clients and contributor accounts as well as all contacts, opportunities, tasks and calendars at a company and individual level.


Powerful, ready-to-roll financial management for digital assets at your fingertips — generate invoices, record asset sales, bulk import agent statement items, purchase ledger, and full management accounting functions and reports. A complete web-based solution — work from anywhere, and start straight away.


Make sure the right content is in the right hands. Rights management and multiple-layered permissions control for users and assets for varying levels of access – controlling both viewing and downloading.

capture REPORTS

Powerful, customisable reports module which pulls together statistics and information from all areas of the system – allowing you to plan the next stages of the business with confidence.

capture API

Make the most of your existing systems and established workflows by linking them with Capture via our API (Application Programming Interface) – which is essentially a gateway allowing information to pass in a standard way between two systems.


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